Mission Statement

The European Iranian Council, EUIRANC, is a pan-European, nonpartisan and non-profit association, with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the people of Europe and Iran.

In an era that has witnessed a rise of unilateralism and the exacerbation of political extremism across the globe, communication and mutual understanding are key factors for order and peace. In the service of regional and global stability, EUIRANC supports the facilitation of such dialogue between Europeans and Iranians.

EUIRANC was founded at a time when a lack of nonpartisan and competent pan-European associations with experienced European and Iranian experts was observed in Europe. For the founding of EUIRANC, professionals in Europe with various backgrounds have come together to support efforts for enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the people of Europe and Iran. The founders of the association include lawyers, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, artists and writers from multiple European countries.

For millennia, Europe and Iran proved to have mutually beneficial ties through science, commerce, literature and the arts. They were two pillars of the ancient civilisations, and have a history which has seen more peaceful exchange than confrontation or war. The exchange of ideas between Greece, Rome and Persia had a cultural impact on both sides to this day. For centuries, European countries have accounted for some of Iran’s most prominent trade partners.

At this point in time, actors of civil society, especially in the European-Iranian business community, are facing extensive difficulties in building and maintaining solid relationships. This is having an impact on the relationship between these two regions of the world, and can have negative consequences for the generations to come. It is certainly harming European-Iranians, and the most vulnerable strata of Iranian society.

It is against this background that EUIRANC has formulated its mission to revive the dialogue between the civilisations of Iran and Europe and encourage the continuation of their long-shared history, by relying on common ground and improving the understanding of differences. In this way, the association shall promote tolerance, international understanding and the search for mutually beneficial solutions.

As the association is committed to multilateralism, it brings together interested groups and facilitates dialogue between them, with leading Iranian professionals in Europe playing a key role in such international and intercultural bridge-building. Through a scientific approach, EUIRANC deepens interest in and understanding for questions concerning the relationship between the people of Europe and Iran, particularly regarding economy, education, science, culture and legal questions of mutual interest.

EUIRANC is an expert and research centre as well as a platform for the exchange of thoughts. It offers persons working on an international level a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas with its members, sponsors and guests as well as the media. The association realises its purpose particularly by:

  • carrying out research projects and publishing results;
  • analysing and commenting on current issues concerning Europe and Iran;
  • conceiving and holding conferences, seminars and other events;
  • giving leading Iranian professionals in Europe the opportunity to make their expertise available for Iranians and Europeans;
  • evaluating news, reports, books and other relevant media items; and
  • distributing reliable news updates and journals for its members and the interested public.

EUIRANC is funded by the European-Iranian community and selected European foundations representing our goals and values. EUIRANC does not receive nor accept funds from the Iranian government, state-oriented Iranian organisations or governments of European countries.

For the purpose of maintaining its impartiality and independence, EUIRANC relies on the expertise and experience of its independent advisory board and board of directors.

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