Norouz #20by13 Khoy aid

Dear friends,

Our humanitarian campaign Norouz 2023 will be for the victims of the severe earthquake in the city of Khoy.

Please help us raise EUR 20.000 by Sizdah (13) Bedar with our #20by13 campaign.

*All donations are tax deductible in Germany, given we are a registered charitable organisation.

We are starting again on Norouz day and ending 13 days later on Sizdah (13) Bedar (13th of the first month of the Iranian calendar, Farvardin).

The minimum target is EUR 20.000. We will be happy to increase the amount if large donors are willing to participate.

Our message

In the earthquake of Khoy, the city was hit as well as approximately 70 neighbouring villages. Thousands of homes were destroyed, impacting households which were already struggling before the earthquake due to the collapse of the economy in the recent years and rise of poverty. The inhabitants of Khoy are primarly of the Iranian ethnic groups Iranian-Azeris and Iranian-Kurds.

Within a week of the devastating earthquake in Khoy, the severe earthquake of Turkey and Syria struck that region and rightfully received the world’s attention, which we hope has resulted in immense support. Khoy has been hardly shared in the world media and has barely received aid. Given the sanctions restrictions that have been affecting humanitarian aid projects for Iran, international organisations have not placed a focused on Khoy.

Our funds will be used for long term aid relief. We will therefore focus on rebuilding homes and providing urgently needed goods such as heaters, rather than short term supplies. As usual, we will not have any administrative costs and the donations will be completely sent to Iran. For the frequently asked questioned you can see here as always.

Please help us raise sufficient funds by Sizdah (13) Bedar with our #20by13 campaign.

We and the people of Khoy count on you.