About us

The European Iranian Council, EUIRANC, is a pan-European, non-political, nonpartisan and nonprofit association founded in 2019 in London, Paris and Berlin. Its aim is to enhance mutual understanding between Europeans and Iranians.

The charitable association achieves its aim of bridge-building between Europeans and Iranians in particular through cultural and humanitarian projects. EUIRANC serves as a platform for:

  • familiarising the European community further with Iranian culture as well as emphasising the similarities between the peoples; and
  • facilitating and executing humanitarian initiatives of the European-Iranian community.

The founders of the association include lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs and artists from European countries. The association has been incorporated as a nonprofit organisation under German law and the tax authorities of Germany have formally confirmed the organisation’s non-profit status.

For the purpose of maintaining its independent and nonpartisan approach, EUIRANC relies on the expertise of its independent board of directors and advisory board.

EUIRANC is funded exclusively by the European-Iranian community and selected European foundations representing our goals and values. Except for the two below mentioned projects, EUIRANC does not receive nor accept funds from any government (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes any state-oriented organisations and foundations as well as the Iranian government). The association only accepts governmental funds for the following two projects:
i) the annual Culture Weekend event (funds from the German government and State of Berlin are accepted only), and
ii) medical equipment donations (by the German Ministry of Health only).