About us

EUIRANC is a pan-European, non-political, nonpartisan and nonprofit association founded in 2019 in London, Paris and Berlin by our Board of Directors. Its aim is to enhance mutual understanding (Völkerverständigung) between Europeans and Iranians through cultural and humanitarian work.

We believe it is best to enhance mutual understanding in the following ways.

First way: Humanitarian work for people in Iran. We realised that there was no pan-European nonpolitical organisation that enables the diaspora and Europeans to send humanitarian help to Iranians. We therefore decided to help the people in Iran through humanitarian work by our European communities. Through initiatives by ourselves and inititiaves by others we could support, for example by the Iranian doctors associations in Europe.

Second way: Cultural work for people in Europe. Another issue we found was that news on the Islamic Republic dominated news on Iranians in Europe and there was a clear lack of understanding as to who the Iranian people are. To enhance understanding beyond what is usually found in the media on Iranians, we decided to carry out cultural work through Iranian exhibitions, concerts and film screenings, to show the core side of Iranian culture.

To read Our Story please see here.

Our organisation has been incorporated as a nonprofit organisation under German law and the authorities of Germany, which regulate it, have formally confirmed the organisation’s non-profit status.

For the purpose of maintaining its independent and nonpartisan approach, EUIRANC relies on the expertise of its independent Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

EUIRANC is funded exclusively by the European-Iranian community. For further information, please see “Our sources of support” here.

Got any questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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