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We have now started exclusive sponsoring memberships to enable the European-Iranian community to support our work.

Please write to us at and let us know which of the following support options you would like to go for. Kindly note that a referral from one of our existing sponsoring members is needed.

Damavand Membership

Sabalan Membership

West Eastern Supper Club

  • Invitations to the exclusive Supper Club fundraising dinners two times per year.
  • EUR 200 per year.

Please help us enhance the mutual understanding between Europeans and Iranians through cultural and humanitarian work by supporting us with one of the above sponsoring memberships. With thanks for your generosity.

Our sources of support

As a nonpolitical, nonpartisan and independent organisation, EUIRANC is funded by the European-Iranian community representing our goals and values.

Our own team: Most of the donations to date have come from our Board of Directors itself, as we select our sources even within our community carefully.

Our community: In order to ensure safe sources and keep our independence, yet to go beyond the financial contributions of our own team and get help from the wider European-Iranian community, we have started sponsoring memberships as set out above. Our sponsoring members are diverse people from the European-Iranian community – from doctors and lawyers to artists and professionals of cultural institutions.

If you would like to be invited to one of our next fundraising events and become a Damavand, Sabalan or Supper Club sponsoring member, please contact us at Please note a referral from one of our existing sponsoring members is needed.

EUIRANC does not receive nor accept funds from any government (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes the Iranian government and state-oriented organisations). The only exceptions to this rule are for the following two projects, for which we have received financial support from the German government, State of Berlin and Ministry of Health (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit).

  • The annual Culture Weekend sponsorhsip (by the German government and State of Berlin).
  • Medical equipment donations (by the German Ministry of Health).

This is why every donation from the European-Iranian community makes a significant difference to us – it makes our day to day business possible. It allows us to function and make our cultural and humanitarian work happen. Please consider supporting us through a sponsoring membership as set out above.

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