EUIRANC is exclusively funded by the European-Iranian community and selected European foundations representing our non-partisan and non-political values. Except for the two below mentioned projects, EUIRANC does not receive nor accept funds from any government (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes any state-oriented organisations and foundations as well as the Iranian government).

The organisation only accepts governmental funds for the following two projects:
i) the annual Culture Weekend event (funds from the German government and State of Berlin are accepted only), and
ii) medical equipment donations (by the German Ministry of Health only).

This is why every donation from the European-Iranian community makes a significant difference to us – it makes our day to day business possible. It allows us to make our cultural and humanitarian work happen, and strengthen the dialogue between Europeans and Iranians in Europe.

Please help us enhance the mutual understanding between Europeans and Iranians through cultural and humanitarian work by donating.

With thanks for your generosity.