Arvand Prize for International Understanding

The “Arvand Prize for International Understanding between Europeans and Iranians” is awarded annually by EUIRANC to those who have contributed the most to the enhancement of mutual understanding between Europeans and Iranians through cultural work.

The name of the Arvand Prize originates from the name of the Arvand river, which forms a part of the western border of Iran. The river has three unique characteristics: it is a free-flowing boundary; it begins at the confluence of two rivers which have flown through a core region of human civilisation, the Euphrates from a western angle and the Tigris on the eastern side; and, as any other river, it leads into something far greater than itself, the open waters.

Reflecting the characteristics of the river, the recipient of the Arvand Prize has: enhanced openness and understanding between Europeans and Iranians regardless of borders; applied values of human civilisation for this, and benefitted a multitude of individuals beyond themselves.

The recipient of the Arvand Prize is chosen annually by a jury panel of five individuals. The jury panel consists of three independent persons with relevant expertise and two EUIRANC board members.

Applications for the Arvand Prize nominations are open in autumn 2021. For further information, please contact us at