Arvand Prize awarded to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

The first ever Arvand Prize for International Understanding was awarded to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) during an exclusive dinner event of EUIRANC at China Club Berlin on 15 September 2022. The silver medal was accepted by NRC’s country director in Germany Per Byman on behalf of the Iran country director Filip Lozinski.

The jury made its decision to award NRC on the basis of the following reasons.

  • NRC’s unparalleled work for one of the five largest refugee populations in the world, which lives in Iran. This population mostly consists of nearly four million Afghan refugees.
  • The organisation’s great example of European cooperation for help in Iran, not only providing support from Norway, but collecting humanitarian support from numerous European countries.
  • In Iran NRC has gone far beyond its original mission of helping refugees. We have witnessed that the organisation has been working hard beyond supporting refugees in Iran by helping Iranian communities across the country. Whether the flash floods in 2019, the pandemic in 2020 or the financial difficulties in communities since then, NRC has been on the field, in the rural cities and towns, helping Iranians nationwide. It was one of the few organisations other than the United Nations that helped the Iranian people during the pandemic.
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