Goethe Sculpture brought to Hafezieh Grand Opening

The most famous German poet was a great admirer of the Iranian poet Hafez. Inspired by Hafez, Goethe wrote the volume of poems “West-östlicher Divan”. Goethe was not able to get to know his idol who was born over 400 years earlier, and he never made the journey to the tomb of Hafez in the Iranian city of Shiraz. That was meant to be changed. EUIRANC was a proud partner of the opening of a Goethe light sculpture exhibition by the artists Knut und Ingrid Reinhardt, which was brought to the Hafezieh in Shiraz in May 2022.

As visible in the pictures below, large photos of our two members of the advisory board, former Ambassadors Bernd Erbel and Volker, were presented and a speech of former Ambassador Bernd Erbel was read during the inauguration speeches. This was of significance for the opening especially as the current Ambassador of Germany was unable to attend.

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