Impressum and Privacy Policy


Pariser Platz 6a 10117 Berlin, Germany

T +49 30 300 149 308

Board of Directors

Board of Directors under § 26 BGB (German Civil Code), each with power of sole representation: 
Leila (Lilliane) Saber
Ava A. Moussavi
Dr. Andreas Otto
Dr. Ali Rezaei-Haddad

Registration Number and Constitution

Registration Number: VR 37620 B

Charitable nature of the organisation

As the purpose of EUIRANC e.V. is of charitable nature, the organisation is exempt from the corporate income tax under § 5 Abs No. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Act and the trade tax under § 3 No. 6 of the German Trade Tax Act, based on the corporate tax assessment exemption decision of the tax office Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin from 2 September 2019 for the year 2019. The tax number (Steuernummer) of the organisation is 27/640/60910.

Donation Receipts

Your donation to EUIRANC e.V. is tax deductible. By the end of February of each year, at the latest, we will automatically send you a donation receipt for the donations you have made to the organisation up to that point in time.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the website can be found in the following link:


EUIRANC e.V. cannot assume any liability for the content of external web pages, which have been linked onto Solely the operators of those linked web pages are responsible for their content.

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