What’s next?

Our current and upcoming projects.

Humanitarian project:
Building bridges through surgery

We are: 1. building a team of European surgeons and 2. fundraising for in Iran needed surgical equipment of latest technology not available in Iran. The team of European surgeons shall be travelling to Iran along with the new equipment. They shall carry out surgeries together with local doctors in order to provide:
– training for the Iranian doctors for using the new equipment as well as
– free surgeries for people in need.
The equipment will then be left in the designated Iranian hospitals in need for future surgeries by local doctors with expertise.

Cultural project:
Enhancing Iranian football standards through medicine

We are currently in talks with the football sector of Iran to provide a “Brain Health Action Plan”. The aim is better protection of Iranian football players against brain injury across the country, and raising the standards of football medicine in Iran to the European level. Iran can be a successful leader and role model in this area for Asian Football, and possibly worldwide.

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