Norouz 1400

20 March 2021

Happy new year to those of you celebrating the Iranian New Year, Norouz, and happy four new seasons to every one of you.

We hope the new spring will arrive with joy for you. Whilst a new century is beginning with the Iranian calendar year 1400, we hope it will be a marking point for better days after a particularly difficult year. May it be the year of happiness and reunions.

To give you an update on our work, we began the Gregorian year 2021 and ended the Iranian year 1399 with another humanitarian project, involving a signifcant ventilator donation from the German government for rural areas of Iran. We are now in the beginning of the equipment receipt stage and will provide further updates once the ventilators are being delivered at their destinations. On another note, we are proud to be growing our Advisory Board at the moment – a great new member will be announced soon.

For now, thank you for accompanying us on our journey into another spring.

Norouz Pirouz!

Best wishes,

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