Statement: Nationwide protests in Iran

Dear European-Iranian community,

EUIRANC stands in solidarity with the women and all layers of society in Iran. We condemn and are in deep sorrow over all acts of violence which have happened since the death of Mahsa Jina Amini. The atrocities inflicted must be stopped. Just causes and concerns as well as international law must prevail. This applies particularly to rights of citizens, especially women’s rights. 

We are a charitable organisation in Europe, registered in Germany with a mission of nonpolitical, independent and nonpartisan nature. We have to stay true to our mission – and want to carry out our civil duties as Europeans and Iranians individually.

EUIRANC was established when the Norouz 2019 floods swept through Iran. Since then sending aid to the affected and carrying out humanitarian work for the victims encountered challenges from different sides. Still, we did not give up and successfully completed our projects despite the obstacles.

All support which reached people in need vindicated our humanitarian work over the last years and has kept us assured that our humanitarian mission for people throughout Iran should go on more than ever under increasingly difficult conditions. EUIRANC will also continue its cultural efforts.

We ask you to continue supporting our work.

We would also be grateful to our sponsoring members if you would come to us with any ideas or suggestions you have.

With the wish for long awaited better days for the Iranian people,

Your EUIRANC Board of Directors

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